Why CaseCrunch?

We are on a mission to find truth in law. We want to understand if there is an objective dimension to legal knowledge. If there is, we want to build general legal intelligence that can predict any case. If there isn't, can there be justice?

Mission Summary or Official Mission

What is CaseCrunch?

A Growing Startup

We have grown consistently in the past 12 months.

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A Business Partner

We make a difference to your business. Together, we can change the game.

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A Dedicated Team

We are experts in Law and AI. We love our work because it matters.

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Who is CaseCrunch?

We are a group of data scientists and legal experts based in Cambridge, UK. We are ambitious and rebellious. We care deeply about our business, our clients, and the future of law.

We started CaseCrunch while students at the University of Cambridge. We profit enormously from a very supportive network within the University and beyond.

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We build systems that predict legal decisions with high accuracy. Our clients are banks, insurance companies, litigation funders and law firms. We help our partners reduce time and money spent on predicting legal decisions by multiple orders of magnitude while matching or outperforming human accuracy.
We study the law scientifically and publish our results for the community. Our research covers linguistic and legal theory and best practices for system architectures. We collaborate with top research institutions and present our research at conferences around the world.

Predicting The Future

Our systems make accurate predictions about the decisions of judges, ombudsmen and arbitrators. Everything our systems need to make predictions is discoverable before the decision making process starts.

Experience Our Vision

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  • Accurate, Fast, Affordable Solutions
  • Clear Project Milestones
  • Post-Sales Support and Maintenance

We build lasting solutions for banks, insurance companies, law firms and litigation funders.

We help banks and insurance companies provide a more efficient complaint handling solution to their customers. We also work with law firms to improve litigation strategies based on data-driven analysis of the law and help litigation funders select meritorious claims from their applicant pool.

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  • Pioneer in Legal AI Research
  • Global Network
  • University of Cambridge Ecosystem

Based in Cambridge, we are advancing Legal AI everywhere we go.

Our network includes media and industry from many countries and we profit from the financial and intellectual support of the University. We periodically publish tools and research for the community. We have spoken at over a dozen conferences in more than five countries and are frequently featured in technical and mainstream media.

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  • A Field with a Future
  • Long-Term Partnerships
  • A Revolution in its Infancy

Today's pilots are tomorrow's game-changers.

The architectures we use did not exist four years ago. Deep learning is still a new technology. We are in this business for the long-run. We want to build long-term partnerships and pilot innovative systems to change law one prediction at a time while growing a sustainable business..

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Man vs Machine

Lawyers: 62.3%
CaseCruncher Alpha: 86.6%

CaseCrunch is proud to announce the results of the lawyer challenge. CaseCruncher Alpha scored an accuracy of 86.6%. The lawyers scored an accuracy of 62.3%.

Over 100 commercial London lawyers signed up for the competition and made over 750 predictions over the course of a week in an unsupervised environment.

The problems were real complaints about PPI mis-selling decided and published by the Financial Ombudsman Service under the FOIA.

The main reason for the large winning margin seems to be that the network had a better grasp of the importance of non-legal factors than lawyers.

Evaluating these results is tricky. These results do not mean that machines are generally better at predicting outcomes than human lawyers. These results show that if the question is defined precisely (such as - was this complaint about PPI mis-selling upheld or rejected by the FOS?), machines are able to compete with and sometimes outperform human lawyers.

This experiment also suggests that there may be factors other than legal factors contributing to the outcome of cases. Further research is necessary to establish this proposition beyond the specific parameters of this experiment.

The use case for systems like CaseCruncher Alpha is clear. Legal decision prediction systems like ours can solve legal prediction tasks permanently and reliably.

We are very thankful to the legal community for their enthusiastic participation and to our sponsors for their generous support. We also want to thank our technical judge, Premonition, and our legal judge Dr. Steffek, for their involvment.

Our Product

The CaseCruncher ©

A CaseCruncher is a system that makes legal decision predictions. CaseCrunchers are currently available for banks, insurance companies, law firms and litigation funders. Our systems help clients reduce the amount of time and money spent on legal prediction tasks by multiple orders of magnitude, while matching or improving human performance.

Current applications include complaint handling, legal decision forecasting and merits-based claim review.


CaseCruncher ©

  • Deep Neural Network
  • Complaint Handling
  • Legal Decision Forecasts
  • Merits-based Claim Review
  • For Banks, Insurers, Law Firms and Litigation Funders
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The Experience

Submit an Inquiry

The first step is to submit an inquiry.

We will make an initial assessment whether our products are suited for your needs. We will set up a meeting to discuss your problem and learn more about your goals. This service is free of charge.

Receive a Project Proposal

In the second step we will create a detailed project proposal for you.

The project proposal explains how we would solve your problem, what legal and technical difficulties we see, and what the main benefits for you are. The proposal also includes a timeline with clear milestones and an estimated price. We charge a small fee for this step.

Watch the Magic Happen

In the third step we solve your problem.

We implement the solution and update you on major developments.

Change the Game

Step four is to help you make the best use of your solution.

You can do a lot of things with our solutions. We are here to help integrate the system into your workflow. We also offer maintenance.

Our Core Team

Jozef Maruscak

Managing Director

As MD, Jozef directs CaseCrunch's strategy and oversees the team. He thinks that CaseCrunch is more than a commercially viable business - it's a startup that is fundamentally challenging legal orthodoxy.

Jozef read law at the University of Cambridge. Prior to joining CaseCrunch, Jozef was the coach of the Slovak national debating team. A debating champion, Jozef serves on the board of the Slovak Debating Association.

Jozef handles business enquiries. You can reach Jozef via email at jm@case-crunch.com or via mobile at +421 908 893 172.

Rebecca Agliolo

Marketing Director

Rebecca coordinates marketing and client acquisition at CaseCrunch. She believes that Legal AI makes the law more transparent and is relevant to businesses as well as access to justice initiatives.

Rebecca studied law at the University of Cambridge. She has worked on pro bono projects globally and is an expert on human rights law in Subsaharan Africa. She also has experience as a clerk for a New York judge.

Rebecca is the best first point of contact for general enquiries. You can email Rebecca at ra@case-crunch.com or call her at +44 7540 816817.

Ludwig Bull

Scientific Director

As Scientific Director, Ludwig builds deep learning architectures at CaseCrunch. Ludwig's goal is to make language a more perfect means for communication. He is particularly interested in mathematical representations of words as word vectors.

Ludwig read law at the University of Cambridge. He has taken remote courses in artificial intelligence at Stanford University. Ludwig holds a black belt in Aikido and competes in marathons. He also authored a book on the relationship between language and ideology.

Ludwig handles technological enquiries. You can reach Ludwig via email at lb@case-crunch.com or via mobile at +44 7402 408871.

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Make an inquiry below to start the journey to your custom legal AI solution. We will confirm receipt of your inquiry and get back to you with an initial assessment about how our legal AI fits your problem as well as an outline of next steps. Please note that we are not a law firm and do not represent individuals or companies. If you have a legal problem, please consider seeking qualified legal advice.